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Philosophy Dialogues

We discuss language and all the ways it can be used: how we should approach language; what aspects of language we should care about; and the way language effects our thinking.

As the first of two parts, we discuss the question of whether the inventor or invented is more important. Defining how we measure importance using the examples of the Mona Lisa, telephone, printing press, and the Constitution.

We take a philosophical perspective on how responsible governments should be to their citizens, the basic building blocks of government, how responsible the government should be to individual success, and more!

This is quite the packed discussion, covering racism, closeted racism, its defenses, and ways to deal with racism when it’s revealed. We also discuss how the activist, Daryl Davis, dealt with racism and what we can learn from his example.

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This is the Covid-19 Public Service Announcement I scripted and acted in.

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